Successful Business Spotlight – Foot Care Facts

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Simon Johnson of Foot Care Facts. Simon is an internet blogger and studying to be a Podiatrist. A Podiatrist is a doctor that specializes in foot and ankle medicine. Simon decided to put his knowledge to work as a blogger and practicing podiatrist to create his successful foot website. Foot Care Facts makes nearly $5,000 a month in pure profit and is continuously growing. Simon sat down with us and gave us a great overview of how he grew Foot Care Facts to a successful website and profitable business in only a year. Here he is in his own words:


“As a practicing podiatrist and student, I needed a way to help pay my bills and put my-self through school. I already had a ton of experience working as a blogger and internet market in the past so the solution was simple: build an affiliate website using the knowledge I am gaining in my podiatric studies. And thus Foot Care Facts was born.

Everyday thousands and thousands of people are searching for answers to their foot related conditions. Foot pain is a huge issue that affects millions of people all over they world. The feet are one of our most important tools as that get us from A to B on a daily basis. Most people take their foot health for granted until serious issues arise. My goal was to create a website where people could get the answers and tools to help with ANY foot related condition.  As we speak I have hundreds of topics and solutions for every foot-related issue you can think of. From plantar fasciitis inserts and orthotics to athletes foot and diabetic foot, Foot Care Facts has a lot of the answers you need.

While helping people with foot related issues was my main concern, I also realized that I too could benefit from this arrangement. So I started purchasing products or having them sent to me. Products such as shoes, inserts, braces, sprays, anything I could get my hands on. I would then do in-depth reviews of these products. I would wear a pair of insoles for a day in a certain pair of shoes and write down my observations on them. Once I knew what was going to work well for each different foot issue it was then easy to start compiling lists of shoes or other products to recommend. Each link to the product would then earn me a small commission as I am referring a client to a business.  At first, the payments were small. I was excited when I got my forst check for around 20 bucks. It wasn’t much but it was exciting knowing that what I was doing was working. I was helping people with their pain and making money doing it!

Over the next year I tried more and more products and saw more and more growth on the website. I tried to think of a new topic every day and put out at least one new article a week. Sometimes I failed. Writing 2-3 thousand word articles a week is very time-consuming. In the end, it paid off. By my second or third month, I was making $500 a month. In the following months I saw a steady increase from the month before. Each month I was making nearly double what I had before. Now I am making nearly 5k a month. I put out a bit less articles now and try to outsource content and put a little bit of the money I earn back into the website. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that I have a nearly auto-pilot income at this point.

I won’t say it was completely without it’s hiccups. I am often stressing at the position of an article in Google as it is my main source of traffic. Sometimes my content locations will fluctuate a few spots dows. This always kind of gives me a heart attack as I do not know if I will be making less this month or not due to that fluctuation. I would prefer a more stable source of income but beggars can’t be choosers (not that I am a beggar at this point).”

So there you have it folks. Straight from the mouth of a man that was able to take his knowledge and turn it into a successful business. we hope you liked this edition of Successful Business Spotlight. Please tune in next week for our next interview!


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Business Plan: 3 Ways To Make Your Own Informational Products


Making a high-quality informational product should be easy to do. If you can think a little bit differently than anybody else, then you will be able to product informational products that are valuable. But, then again, numerous internet marketers are faced with having to make and launch their information product on their own just because there is no other known way to do it. So if you want a new take on how to create informational products, then this article will be very helpful for you. We will look at 3 great info product idea that you can begin using right now for greater success.

One of the easiest ways to come up with an information product is to record yourself! That’s right; if you really want to go the super-fast way to create an info product but don’t know how to do it then create a simple audio of yourself speaking about the topic you’ve chosen. Say you are an expert in training dogs but don’t like to write so you aren’t happy creating an ebook or something similar. All that is required is for you to download a program like Audacity and record any information you wish your customers to have. It doesn’t matter whether they are a few ideas, some tips or a strategy they can use. It matters very little what it is. People will be happy and won’t complain as long as you are delivering value. Get your mic and get ready to start because your information product could be completed in just a few hours.

You can also offer your customers personal coaching for a price. This is profitable business model because there are a lot of people who want to be taught how to do it. If you know something that you can teach others, then it would not be that hard for you to give instructions over the phone. If you want to go to the next level, you can also hold a group coaching session and teach a lot of people at one time. This is a very useful method to get valuable info products. You can get more money from clients than from other kinds of products. The most ideal thing about this is that you don’t spend a lot of time doing it and still get paid for it.

Last if you have done a few webinars within the last few days, you can package them and sell them. People love to get their hands on info products that been done as live. You can give them wonderful articles by advertising these packages. In conclusion, this article points out that if you use new thought processes, you can provide your viewers with valuable product information each and every time. Readers get tired of the same old things, but with these tips you can be fresh and give them great info.

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Business Gifts That Work

How many times as an employee have you been given the gift that does absolutely nothing? It really serves no purpose at all and tends to do nothing but occupy space. This is the trend that actually gave the kind act of business gift giving have such a bad name.


Let’s face it. Everyone likes to know that they are appreciated for what they do but giving them a gift with no life or purpose is not the best way to show appreciation. It is by far a nice gesture to reward employees with small tokens of appreciation. However, buying the gift that will end up in the desk drawer or office waste basket is pointless and more than that, a complete waste of your hard to maintain budget.

Gifts that add to the ambiance of an already elegant office is what many companies are deciding to choose when gift selecting. There are many ways to implement thanks into the kindest little gestures. It’s especially appropriate when you may have multiple people that you’d like to present a small token to.

A perfect example is the HR department. Now there is no denying that there are tons of paperwork that come through this office. How many times per day do you think HR personnel find themselves fishing for pens? Several times a day is the answer to this question.

One of the most efficient and hardest working gifts in this case would be the pen and pencil holder. It sounds simple enough but it works just as hard as you do to make sure that there is always a pen or pencil in place when you need it.

The beauty of the holder is the design mechanism it possesses. It is made of beautiful metal spring designs and presents an elegant appearance with the unique shape. There are many shapes and designs that the holder comes in and any office will look elegantly decorated with a piece that works.

Go ahead and present your department with gifts for their desks and show them how much you care. You will be surprised at the many heights of appreciation you will achieve with gifts that work. It keeps the office in a very workable state and it also gives a standard of thanks.

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Business Gifts Grow Your Business

Businesses are growing at great speed with the innovation of technology today. One of the greatest catalysts of their growth rate is the acquisition of customers and clients to help keep them afloat. The truth is, there are many companies that offer the same services as you do.

Therefore, you are not the only suitor of the company you are attempting to obtain as a client. What sets you apart from the rest? Your skill, expertise, dedication and commitment may all be far greater than the others, However, if you don’t come bearing gifts, you will greatly diminish your chances of gaining a new client.

Please don’t assume that businesses will only work with companies who give them great gifts but it does offer a great incentive. There are several different approaches that you can take in an effort to woo the client and shower them with gifts of appreciation at the same time.

It is best to make the client understand that you will be committed to working with and for them. In doing so, present them with gifts that reflect your contact info and company name or logo. Business card holders with the company web address engraved works well. Consider giving them an ink stamp and pad that has your company info embossed or printed on the outer backing of the pad. All of these are contemporary and inexpensive ideas.

There is great success achieved by the company that takes initiative. Don’t sit back and bask in the limelight while your competitors are zeroing in on the gift scene. It’s okay to beg with gifts. This gives you an edge and allows you to remain tactful. Your growth is contingent upon the acquisition of new business.

If you are proud of what your company stands for, don’t be too proud to put your name on it. Choose small and intimate gifts and personalize them with your company info. This works great in keeping your company on the mind of prospective clients. Gifts are potential in the growth and success of business. It’s not just the idea but it becomes part of the strategy of every department that is within that business.

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Preparations to Be a Business Owner


When it comes to starting a business, your financial situation is an important consideration. Most business owners put in all their resources into the business yet do not pay attention to themselves. Curtail the extravagances yet make sense of what you do need to live on and incorporate it in your outgoings. The bank or any financial specialists would much preferably see this then you drained of all pride six months after you let them know your marketable strategy seemed well and good. Other than that, take some time to consider your name.

Important Preparations to Be a Business Owner

Interesting discussionYou will be screwed over if you do not consider it carefully the first time as rebrands are costly and excruciating. It’ll have to work with an accessible web space and will likewise frequently be the principal thing forthcoming clients see. Consider what your name needs to say in regards to your business. Consider how you’ll get your name out there. No point having an astonishing business thought if no one thinks about it. So by what method will you get your name out there? Without a major promoting spending plan, begin little and spotlight on building connections. Use online networking and system to begin assembling a notoriety with potential clients, as well as neighborhood columnists, suppliers, kindred retailers, nearby business associations.

Close Up Of Businessman's Hand Analyzing Graph On Digital Tablet

Close Up Of Businessman’s Hand Analyzing Graph On Digital Tablet

Begin a site, be dynamic on Facebook and Twitter, offer to compose articles or talk for nothing on your master subject, get individuals attempting and inspecting your item or administration, consider hosting a dispatch gathering. Did you realize that half of little business don’t have a site? Most need one, however, they either think they can’t bear the cost of one or don’t have what it takes to assemble it themselves. The last may have been genuine a couple of years prior, however, web building instruments mean supreme learners can now get a complete e-trade site up and running in a matter of moments.

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Things to Know about Being an Entrepreneur

20160408164253-leadership-brain-games-playFirst things first, if you wish to start a business, you need to consider whether there is a market or not for your products and services. Then you need to size up the opposition. Who else is doing what you’re wanting to do? By examining the opposition you can gain from others’ oversights, or even what their clients appreciate. Figure out how much individuals will pay for your item or administration and how you could upgrade the present offerings. On the off chance that one major player rules the business sector space, concentrate on what they don’t do well or who they don’t cook for.

Important Things to Know about Being an Entrepreneur

3-things-you-need-to-know-about-being-an-entrepreneur3Give an unrivaled administration and you could snatch an offer of their space. Then again, if the business sector is divided, there could be a chance to dispatch a brand that turns into the true decision for customers. Characterize your intended interest group. Engaging everybody speaks to nobody. You have to concentrate on your intended interest group and style everything from your site to your promoting effort around them. Ensure you are focusing on the right individuals by conveying polls, addressing your clients through online networking and holding center gatherings.
1562-thumb-30fu6c9ibqgtdqinjybf9cThe best way to give an item or administration individuals truly need is to get inside their heads. Include your objective client in the advancement of your business and keep on testing. Counseling your clients will likewise make them feel like they have a voice, will breed reliability and, in case you’re fortunate, will improve the probability of them prescribing you to others. In what capacity will you pay yourself? You have to consider this in advance. With the best expectations of furrowing benefits straight once more into the business, you must eat, drink and put a rooftop over your head. You have to know how to divide the money so you can still survive well enough.

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